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1-Year Policy?

Braders and sisters, Meron nga po bang policy na ganito?
Tinanong po natin si Tony McNeill, Rel'p Manager, Settlement Unit, INZ at ito po ang kanyang sagot:

The length of time for a visa can be dependent on a number of factors - skill set of job - how long the job/contract is offered for - and what market labour forces dictate as INZ will not issue a three year visa on jobs that may change due to supply and demand as it were.

Only for SELWYN/WAIMAKARIRI/CHRISTCHURCH area: The maximum duration of Essential Skills work visas for temporary workers (ANZSCO 4 and 5) working in Canterbury, has been increased from one year to up to three years for visas applied before 31 December 2016. (this policy has continued past this date but can still be subject to review)


Information on bullying, constructive dismissal, and the problem solving process, some information on payment of wages and the minimum wage.

Managing Behaviours:

  1. Bullying information - from Worksafe NZ
  2. Bullying - what is it?
  3. Bullying - why dealing with it is an employer’s business?
  4. Bullying - what can employers do about it?
  5. Bullying - what can employees do about it?

Managing the employment relationship:

  1. Employment Relations Act 2000 – Section 103A Test of justification
  2. Ending the Employment Relationship - Dismissal
  3. Employee forced out of job – constructive dismissal
  4. Employment Relations Act 2000 – Section 120 – Statement of reasons for dismissal
  5. Notice of termination of employment - How much notice must an employee/employer give when they want to terminate employment?

Payment of Wages:

  1. Provision of payslips - Does an employer have to provide a payslip?
  2. Legal minimum wage - What is the legal minimum wage?
  3. Trainee and apprentice minimum wage rates - What is the minimum wage for trainees and apprentices?
  4. Payment of wages or salary frequency - How, when and how often does an employee have to be paid their wages or salary?
  5. Recovery of monies owed by employer - How can I recover money my employer owes me?

Problem Solving:

  1. Steps to take first if there is a problem with my employer? What should I do first?
  2. Recognising an employment relationship problem
  3. Following a problem solving procedure
  4. Mediation
  5. Mediation Fact Sheet
  6. Personal Grievance
  7. Employment Relations Authority


  1. Employment Relations Act 2000 - Section 236 - Representation

Both the employer and employee are entitled to have representation - legal and/or support person(s) (Employment Relations Act 2000 - Section 236 - Representation)

If you require assistance of a legal nature or a support person; then you may need to seek this advice independently.
You can find this by looking in the following places if you do not have representation, please note this list is not complete or exhaustive – you may find assistance in other places.

  • Yellow pages (look under employment lawyers, barristers)
  • Employment publications (published by Employment Relationship Specialists)
  • Industry bodies and associations
  • Unions (where people have membership, provision of information is at the discretion of that provider)
  • Community Based Organisations for those who cannot afford representation – and are of need of same, such services as
    • Community Law
    • Youthlaw - consumers under twenty-five
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux

* provision of services by any of the above agencies is discretionary depending on your individual circumstances – some may have a cost.


  1. Employee information, tips and tricks for working in the New Zealand dairy industry.
  2. Employment New Zealand
  3. Rural Support Trust - Help and advice for the rural community throughout New Zealand
  4. Philippine Embassy - New Zealand
  5. Philippine Embassy - New Zealand - Downloadable Forms
  6. Work forms and guides | Immigration New Zealand
  7. New Zealand Residence Programme policy changes | Immigration New Zealand
  8. IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND INSTRUCTIONS: Amendment Circular No. 2015/09
  9. A guide to Immigration New Zealand’s fees and immigration levy
  10. Annual Leave Calculator


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